Breakdown of the NFL Divisions

By Jake Noddell  (Football Correspondent)

As the NFL kicks off for another season, it seems as though a question up in the air is what division is the leader of the NFL. The question can be answered in a multitude of ways, whether it be the amount of teams who reached the playoffs from each division, star power, overall record, or statistics like points per game.

Immediately, divisions such as the AFC North and the AFC South could be ruled out of consideration, who tend to only admit one team per year to the playoffs, due to the quota that the winner of each division clinches a spot.

An argument that could be made, however, is that divisions may have multiple up and coming teams that will soon dominate the NFL. Freshman Drew Litner said the choice was a no brainer, “In my opinion it’s the NFC South. It’s a very tough division with a bunch of good teams on the rise.”

The NFC South contains the past two Super Bowl runner ups and the up and coming Tampa Bay Buccaneers with rising stars Jameis Winston and Mike Evans. Finally, the Saints always have potential to break out as long as Drew Brees remains behind center, throwing to their talented wide receiver, Michael Thomas.

It is clear to Daniel Shaughnessy, sports columnist for The Boston Globe, that all it takes to claim the best division crown is by having the most teams having a chance at the conference championship game. “The NFC East is the better conference. Cowboys, Giants, Eagles all have a shot at the conf. Title game,” Shaughnessy said.

This division boasts two playoff attendees from 2016 in the Giants and Cowboys, while both the Eagles and Redskins are on the rise. This division contains top players at each position, with the run game from the cowboys, to the receivers of the Giants, and the defensive front of Philadelphia.

Could a division such as the AFC East be considered as the top division in the league? The Patriots have appeared in the past 6 AFC Championship games, while the Miami Dolphins made the playoffs last season via the wildcard.

Senior Nathan Pomerantz thinks the AFC East is the division to beat. “I think the best division in all of football is the AFC East. The Patriots are unstoppable right now. The Dolphins with smoking Jay Cutler… Jay Ajayi great running back. Also, Bills are on the rise now that Rob and Rex Ryan are gone,” Pomerantz said.

Freshman Tyler Freedman chose the AFC East for a different reason, claiming that his hometown Patriots are enough to carry their division.

Throughout the season the answer to the question should start to answer itself, but as of now, most divisions have a chance to claim their spot at the top.

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