Fantasy Football Update: Week 1 & 2

By Pano Mousis (Football Correspondent)

Fantasy football is underway, and people should get excited. The emotional roller coaster that the season brings, where injuries destroy rosters, third round picks turn into top running backs, and anything can happen.

As week 1 and 2 of fantasy football close, there are some standout performances and major injuries of note. David Johnson’s injury might have killed someone’s roster, but benefited the rest of the league. Ezekiel Elliott’s court ruling, which allows him to keep playing, infuriates people who missed out on the opportunity, but overjoys people who drafted him in late rounds. Kareem Hunt also has potential to be an outright star. But remember, it is only week 1.

David Johnson was rated the number one running back in fantasy football this year and many people are at a loss now that he injured his wrist in week 1. Rahul Gupta a 11th grader, said, “He could be out for awhile and I would try to get rid of him.”

Senior Jonny Greenberg agrees with Rahul. “David Johnson has a huge impact. He was projected to be the top player. For me it is quite good because I don’t have him.  But I would get rid of him as quick as possible because we don’t know how long he is out for.”

Senior Drew Naisuler says his friend was hugely affected by this injury. “He was very excited to have him, my friend Spencer, but once he got injured it really hurt his team, but it helped everybody else. It’s not fair.”

Another big story was Ezekiel Elliott’s court decision for him to play week one and week two, and maybe even for rest of the season. He was originally supposed to be in the top five picks for the first round, but since he originally was suspended, many people did not draft him until the second and even the third round. “No one really knows. Right now he is eligible to play 16 games. I would stay with him. I have him on my team. I got him in the 2 round,” said senior Russell Rapaport.

Junior Rahul Gupta disagrees with Rapaport. “I had Dez Bryant because I thought Ezekiel Elliott was going to be out and I really regret that decision, so I don’t approve of this court decision to let him play because people need to held accountable for their actions no matter their reputation,” said Gupta

There also seems to be a thought process that if you got him early it does not matter. Greenberg said, “We can’t settle to judge him on just week 1. We should wait for week 2 to really see.”

Basically, Elliot’s court ruling which allows him to keep playing, gave people the chance to have two top-ten first round picks. According to Naisuler, “My friend took him pretty late, and I honestly think it’s better than his first round pick.”

Another steal in many fantasy drafts was Kareem Hunt, which many people are surprised to see as being the number one rated running back in fantasy right now. According to Gupta, “Kareem Hunt could be one of the best running backs this season if he keeps doing what he’s doing.” Hunt scored an average of about 32 points in the first two weeks of fantasy.

Also, there always are under the radar players and defenses people need to watch out for.

Jonny Greenberg thinks that Vikings running back Dalvin Cook is an excellent running back and thinks people should not sleep on him. He might not be on everybody’s mind but he needs to be watched out for.

One defense that came up repeatedly was the Jaguars defense, where they scored almost 30 points in week 1. “Jaguars is a defense that everyone should be on the lookout for,” said Drew Naisuler.

As the season continues there will be ups and downs, injuries, more updates, and new players to look out for. But people should be excited for another great season of the NFL and thousands of fantasy leagues hoping to win and have the best roster.

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