Class of 2020 Choose Leaders

Charlie Brown

By Sarah Hirschorn (Correspondent)

Student elections for the 2017-2018 school are over, and students from the class of 2020 have been chosen to serve on their grade’s respective executive board or the planning board.

Rachael Garcia, a ninth grader who will be a sophomore next year, was elected as the class president for the graduating class of 2020. She passionately campaigned to become the leader for her peers.

“As future sophomore class president, I look forward to a year just as productive and successful, if not more, than this past year. I loved every second in planning board as vice president, and now that I’ve stepped up to the role of president, I am enthusiastic about what we can accomplish to make the class excited to go to Sharon High School,” said Garcia.

Garcia says that she hopes to plan,a joint-grade club field day similar to the Jamnesty event and has proposed that the school improve the hectic club fair to have it, “in a setting much less chaotic than the club fair, where, as a Freshman, I felt quite overwhelmed. I imagine it to be an after school or weekend event, most likely closer to the end of the year.”

“I thought there could also be a sporting event such as a volleyball or dodgeball tournament where people pay maybe a dollar to enter, and all of the proceeds are split between the planning boards who participate,” she added.  

Garcia says she wants to work on these new events that not only the sophomore class can participate in, but the rest of the school can take part in, “I think this would greatly improve communication between planning boards, which I noticed was a major inconvenience during Freshman year, and improve our whole school community, as it is an all inclusive event, instead of one solely for our grade.”

Garcia, who also plans on making the Sophomore Semi dance memorable when it comes around in the next spring said, “The most anticipated existing sophomore event is obviously the Sophomore Semi, and I think we have a great team of people this year, along with a good amount of money, to make the Semi fun for everyone and worth the wait. Many people are critical because it, like the Freshman Formal, is held in the Sharon High School cafeteria, but I hope we can transform the space into something that isn’t anything like the cafeteria we know.”

Garcia also said how she views the job of being the 2020 class president as a job that she is ready and grateful to take on next year, “Being president, to me, is such an honor. It means people respect me, believe in my ability to lead others, and trust me enough to make decisions that will affect the whole grade, and I couldn’t be happier to be elected for this position.”

“My classmates can expect someone who is passionate, dedicated, and hardworking. I love what I do, I look forward to planning board meetings and I love everything that we can accomplish together as a team,” added Garcia.

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