Hit Show Riverdale Gets Rave Reviews

By Sarah Hirschhorn (Correspondent)

The CW’s most recent dramatic mystery show, Riverdale, has gotten rave reviews and has generated a lot of  hype on social media.

The show is based off of the classic Archie comic book series, with KJ Apa, assuming Archie’s famous title character, joined by original characters Betty Cooper [Lili Reinhart], Jughead Jones [Cole Sprouse], and Veronica Lodge [Camilla Mendes]. The four teen heartthrobs live in the fictional picture-perfect town of Riverdale just like in the decades old comics.

“I love it . The show makes me happy when I watch,” said freshman Morgan Goldberg, who has finished watching the hit TV show.

Goldberg says the show is “about a small innocent town filled with pep, but it changed after the tragic murder of Jason Blossom.”

Goldberg also added that she’s a huge fan of Jughead played by Cole Sprouse, but not enthusiastic about Nathalie Boltt’s character, Penelope Blossom.

Goldberg says she’s looking forward to everything new in Season 2. “I’m excited to see the characters develop.”

“I loved Riverdale! I watched it as it came out and thought it was great,” said ninth grader, Rachael Garcia.

For those who haven’t seen the TV Series yet Garcia describes it as a story about “a group of friends in a quiet town called Riverdale. They navigate through a dramatic high school life all the while discovering the mysteries surrounding the untimely death of Jason Blossom.”

“Veronica is my favorite character because she tries so hard to become a better person. She’s very relatable. Penelope Blossom is my least favorite because she is horrible and insensitive,” said Garcia who adores Camilla Mendes’ character Veronica and also doesn’t particularly like Penelope’s character either.

Garcia says she’d looking forward to seeing more of Veronica and Archie’s relationship in Season 2.

“I haven’t watched the full first season of Riverdale yet, but I love it so far,” said freshman Lili Mihajlovits.

Mihajlovits says how the show is scary for her, but that “it is an interesting murder mystery intertwined with a classic teen drama.”

“Fred Andrews [Archie’s dad] is my favorite character because he is a classic supportive father figure. Alice Cooper [Betty’s mom] is my least favorite character because she is mean to her daughter throughout the episodes I’ve seen,” said Mihajlovits.

Riverdale brings out a town’s darkest secrets with the addition of high school drama,” said ninth grader, Emma Olshin who enjoys the show but hasn’t seen the season finale yet.

Olshin also doesn’t like Mädchen Amick’s character Mrs. Cooper, but along with Morgan Goldberg, loves heartthrob, Jughead.

Olshin adds that she’s looking forward to seeing more of Betty and Jughead relationship in the upcoming episodes.

Season 1 of Riverdale is now streaming on Netflix and is on demand. Season 2 is scheduled to come out on the CW network, this fall on October 11th.  

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