Tutorial: How to save Google documents

By Kiki.D (Creative Manager).

Many seniors are concerned about losing all of their files on their Google school accounts and would like to know how they can back up their information before they are permanently deleted.

Mrs. Newman, Sharon High’s Instructional Technology Specialist, says that our school Gmail accounts are left active about 1 month after we graduate and then they are deactivated by the technology department.

“We send out an email and start announcing around now that seniors have until July 7th to get anything they want from their Google accounts before we shut them down.  We usually include tips on downloading to a computer at home or to a thumb drive.  This year, I believe Google added a feature to be able to download your whole drive with just a few clicks.  If that’s true, we’ll send that info out as well,” said Mr. Marcus.

Victoria Gusev, Head of the help desk, says that it is important to keep your files once you graduate. “I know AP English does pieces of writing and essays that can be useful in college,” said senior Gusev.

“We are working on scheduling 1 to 2 sessions during Eagle Block, so we can have some computers set up and give the students time to backup their files,” said Mrs. Newman.

Watch the video below to learn how to backup your files before permanent deletion.  


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