Do SHS Students Want to be President?

By Kiki.D (Correspondent).

The previous/recent presidential election was comedic: Dump vs Uglary.

As I watched the circus, it seemed as though anybody in the world has the chance to become President despite their questionable morals (or lack thereof).

If you had the chance, would you be the president of the USA?

SHS senior Sai Bhasin says that being president is too much work and stress.

“You age a lot quicker and you are not you once you end your term,” said senior Veronica Gusev.

SHS senior Chinda Elenou says that although it would be a lot of work, there is a lot of benefits that come with the job.

“I’d get a chance to be friends with Kanye and finally be able to afford two fresh pair of Yeezys,”

“1 pair to get dirty and the other to keep clean,” added Elenou.

Junior Emma Dunlea says that she does not think she has the capability to run an entire country.

“It requires a lot of stability and leadership,” said Dunlea.

Senior Jordan Rice says that he likes to stay low-key so he would not want to be president with all eyes on him.

“I don’t rock with exposure. Being president is one of the most freedom-less jobs in the world,” said Rice.

Junior Rachel Brandes says that being president is a huge responsibility.

“I would not want the whole country to depend on me,” said Brandes.

TV Media teacher Mr. Antonell says that he would not mind being the president because he has some good ideas.

“I know there would be a lot of hard decisions to make but I like making hard decisions,”

“I would help solve issues involving budget and spending because I think that money can solve a lot of America’s problems. If we get out of debt, we can put money towards other issues like safety,” said Mr. Antonell.

“With all of this suspicious bomb related issues going on it is important to take the safety of this country seriously. Sometimes war may be the answer to peace,” added Mr. Antonell.

Elenou says that he could also make a lot of executive decisions that would help impact the nation for better or worse.

“My goal would be to help solve injustice for minorities around the world and lower the price for college tuition,” said Elenou.

Presidents in the past have gone on to live awesome lifestyles. George Bush and Bill Clinton get paid thousands of dollars to publically speak at schools around the world.

Truth is, we all have the potential to sit in the white house and would all love to retire with lovely money in our pockets. The next president born and raised in Massachusetts, who will it be?

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