Oakland Raiders Set to Move to Las Vegas

By Alex Lefkowitz (Sports Correspondent).

After a 31-1 owners vote at the NFL meetings on Monday, the Oakland Raiders will soon be the Las Vegas Raiders.

This move has brought about mixed feelings, including Raiders coach Jack Del Rio.

“My emotions are mixed,” Del Rio said. “While I’m sad for family, friends, and fans in the Oakland area I also recognize the tremendous opportunity for our organization.

“Sin City” is littered with “activities” that could very easily get a player in trouble. These distractions will be especially difficult to deal with for rookies and other young players.

A lot of times when you think about Las Vegas, you just think about the strip, right? But I just want to make sure that the players are protected,” Giants receiver Brandon Marshall said.

“I think that it can be a tough place for a kid coming out of college, so that locker room has to be strong, because there is so much there. There is access to so much. It’s a strip, but it’s really big, and it can be overwhelming at times for young, immature players,” Marshall added.

When the Raiders move to Vegas is currently unknown. The new stadium in Vegas is set to be ready in 2020 and their lease with the Oakland Coliseum runs through 2018. Therefore, it is unknown where the Raiders will play in 2019.

With all the excitement from the Las Vegas market there is as much hate coming out of Oakland.

I understand [Raiders fans] will be angry and disappointed. I want them to know that I do understand that it’s emotional,” owner Mark Davis said.

The Raiders moving out of Oakland has been discussed for many years. The team has not had lots of recent success and made the playoffs for the first time this past year since 2002.

“There are relevant franchises in the NFL and there are irrelevant franchises. This is an irrelevant move by a recently irrelevant franchise,” junior Eli Agus said.

Only time will tell if Vegas can support an NFL team, bur for now, the black hole lives on for at least two more years.


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