Crashed BBC Interview Goes Viral

By Ariel Kaplan (Correspondent).

As the result of a new viral video, much of the world recently learned that Robert E. Kelley, a respected political science professor and international security analyst, is also a dad.

While Kelly was being interviewed by the British Broadcasting Corporation about the impeachment of the South Korean president, his two kids barged into his sedate home office in Busan, South Korea. His daughter let herself in first and danced behind him while Kelly tried to ignore her. A baby in a walker then rolled through the door, followed by a woman who desperately tried to remove them from the room.

The whole incident lasted about a minute, and Kelly calmly apologized and finished his interview. But the video soon went viral, racking up 15 million views on BBC One’s Facebook within a few hours.

“There are probably better ways to handle the presence of his child than pushing her behind him, but I still commend his ability to continue the interview, finishing professionally,” said SHS senior Clara Cook.

Senior Julianna McCann says that after watching the short video, Kelly seems like “more of a father than a politician.”

“Although it makes sense that he might have been stressed when his kids interrupted his interview, any compassionate parent would have laughed it off rather than have pushed away their kid,” she said.

Junior Matt Loyferman adds that the interruption of his two kids looked unprofessional on his part.

“While I thought it was pretty funny, the whole situation wasn’t handled very well,” he said.

But senior Joe Katz says that the kids’ appearance lightened the mood of the interview.

“I thought it was really funny, and the interview wasn’t too serious afterwards which made it more enjoyable to watch,” he said.

Senior Jonathan Dickerman says that what happened to Kelly is simply life, and it could have happened to anyone.

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