SHSTC Reaches Festival Finals

By Melissa Starr (Correspondent).

For the first time in six years, SHS Theatre Company’s production for the METG High School Drama Festival has moved onto finals.

SHSTC’s originally written show, Tontlawald, incorporates originally composed music, detailed set pieces, intricate puppets, unique lighting, and a creatively incorporated ensemble of actors that transform the stage into another world.

On March 20th, Sharon High hosted five other schools participating in the Semifinal round of the drama competition. The other schools brought five unique shows, all of which won at their preliminary site for the competition two weeks prior. Though the competition was tough, only two made it to the top at all seven of the Semifinals host sites.

SHSTC’s production of Tontlawald will be competing against thirteen other shows from high schools all around Massachusetts. The three-day final competition will take place at John Hancock Hall in Boston, the biggest performance space Sharon has seen in a long time. If you are interested in supporting the Sharon High School Theatre Company at finals, the competition takes place on March 30-April 1.

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