Open Letter from Superintendent Timothy Farmer

Dear Sharon Students, Families, and Staff:

I write this open letter to all students, families, and employees of the Sharon Public Schools to acknowledge that recent, national events regarding restrictions on immigration may cause a level of anxiety and fear within our community.

Consequently, please know that I do not write to be political.  Instead , I write this letter to reinforce the ideals and values of the Sharon Public Schools.  For example, did you know that our school district’s mission statement highlights the concept of diversity as an ideal to strive for and to respect ? In addition, regardless of how each of us may contribute to the diversity evident within our school system, the Sharon Public Schools are here to celebrate that diversity within all children, all families, and all staff members . In other words, everyone should feel welcomed and celebrated in our school district and, more importantl y, every child in our school district should know that you are loved and valued for who you are and what you represent.

While some of the younger among us may hear news reports of immigration restrictions and worry about what this may mean for them, I write to remind you that every child has a place in our school system.  If you live in Sharon, you are welcomed to attend our schools, regardless of where you come from and what you believe. You belong in our public schools, and each and every day we are happy to invite you to join us on this wonderful adventure called learning.  Remember, public education is your right, and those of us who work in the school system are dedicated to educating you, to keeping you safe, and to letting you know that we care deeply for you.  In addition, we work each and every day to”…inspire every student to improve our world” and we believe that, some day, each of you will fulfill that promise.

Even though I write to you as one, lone voice, I have worked in this school district long enough to know that there are thousands of voices in our schools and community that echo the sentiments expressed in this letter. Therefore, I am hopeful that every person reading this letter will fully appreciate the level of love and acceptance for all that is evident in our schools.  We value all of our students, and every student is important. Thank you.


Timothy J. Farmer




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