Chainsmokers Drop “Paris”

By Danny Emerman (Online Editor-in-Chief).

At lunch, my friend asked me if I had heard the new Chainsmokers song, “Paris.” He insisted that it was “fire,” so I blindly saved it on my Spotify and added it to all my playlists before I even listened.

I don’t even consider myself a huge Chainsmokers fan, but all they do is put out bangers. There has not been a more universally beloved artist since Taylor Swift; it is nearly impossible to find an SHS student who dislikes the band who created “Roses” and “Closer.”

“They throw out absolute fire flames,” senior Jack Lesser said. “Their music makes me think of good times in the summer on the beach,” he added.

Shortly after lunch, I convinced my math teacher to play the song while we practiced problems.

While I did not love it at first because I kept expecting a massive beat drop like typical Chainsmokers song, its beat and lyrics have grown on me.

“Paris” is a slower, less-clubby track than previous Chainsmokers hits.

The DJ duo approaches the song with vocalist Andrew Taggert’s smooth voice alongside uncredited Emily Warren accompaniment over a chill EDM beat.

The lyric video suggests that the title, “Paris,” does not refer to the French capital. The title screen displays a fabricated definition for the word as “1. a sentimental yearning for a reality that isn’t genuine 2. An irrecoverable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia or daydreams.”
The Chainsmokers dropped “Paris” on January 12 and it is already seventh on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. It has reached fourth on Spotify’s U.S. Top 50 songs list.

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