700’s Hallway Flood Jeopardizes Events

By Danny Emerman (Online Editor-in-Chief).

Several classrooms and the music room in the 700’s hallway, as well as the stage in the auditorium, have been damaged—to varying degrees—after a sprinkler head burst overnight.

Some sources speculate that the kiln in the art room was left on and subsequently triggered the sprinkler.

“It looked like a pool this morning,” theater teacher Mrs. Dennis said.

All classes in the 700’s hallway were displaced to other classrooms today and chorus was cancelled.

Water has seeped through the wall of the art room in the shape of the kiln.

During second period, the fire alarm inadvertently rang for a few seconds shortly after a warning from Dr. Libano on the intercom.

“Our maintenance staff, as well as a professional cleaning company, are in the process of cleaning up the water,” Libano said in an email briefing.

Dennis’ main concern is the “warped” auditorium stage, which has been rendered a safety hazard after the flooding.

She says the wooden panels aren’t particularly difficult to replace, but the surface must dry before a new stage is installed.

In the auditorium, complete crisis was averted, as the set pieces and electrical units were left unscathed.

Music teacher Ms. Frye says it could take “a week, at the very least,” to fix the stage. “There’s also repairs they need to do in the ceiling and in the dry walls in the hallways to avoid any issues with mold and mildew,” Frye said.

Fans air-dry the wet rug in the auditorium below the “warped” stage.

Frye believes the 700’s hallway could be completely out of commission for a week.

SHS was supposed to host the Southeastern Senior District Music Festival this Friday and Saturday. Schools from across Massachusetts flock to the prestigious event in which choirs and orchestras perform at the highest level.

Frye says that SHS will still host the rehearsal on Friday, placing ensembles in the gym and library in addition to the middle school as planned.

“It’s a mess,” Frye said.

After briefly scrambling to find a new host in the last minute, rival school Oliver Ames has “stepped forward.”

The student-directed plays are set to be performed next Thursday and Friday, but Frye and Dennis both doubt the stage will be ready by then.

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