Letter to the Editor

By Ari Levitt, Class of 2018.

I am writing in response to an incident involving someone or some people putting up swastika signs in some bathroom stall in Sharon High and Sharon middle school. I was shocked and offended at the idea because I understand that swastika signs were symbols of the Nazis and are used today to show hate for people of different races, religions, ethnicities, and beliefs.

Sharon, massachusetts is a town where people of different races, religions, ethnicities, and beliefs live happily together in peace and friendliness. I believe that swastika signs are a threat to our community because they stand for hate, not unity. I also believe that we should treat everyone with kindness and respect, no matter what we look like, what religion we practice, or what our beliefs are! What makes our country truly great is that it truly is a melting pot of people with all different backgrounds! Whenever something like this happens, it’s important that we speak out to keep our country united and peaceful!


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