Science Teacher’s Music Video Goes Viral

By Danny Emerman (Online Editor in Chief). 

Mr. Snow, a biology teacher at Sharon High, can do more than just stand in front of a white board and recite lesson plans about protein synthesis.  

He can also rap about it.

“I’ve been rapping educationally for about ten years or so. I’ve written three biology raps,” Snow said.

In about three days, Snow’s music video, “Tale of the Gene,” has been viewed over 10,000 times on Facebook.

“I wrote the song with the goal of teaching about protein synthesis and genetics,” Snow added.

The song’s topics range from the history of the conception of DNA to the act of protein synthesis.

“It’s surprising and exciting,” Snow said. “I don’t know who all these people are…I’ve never seen 10,000 people in my life,” Snow joked.

Directed and produced by senior Eddie Mandell, the music video features “MC Snow” parading about the Sharon High campus and spitting bars about DNA, RNA, and protein. Snow says that Eddie “did an amazing job” producing the music and directing the video.

“I think [the video’s success] is due to Mr. Snow and how many students appreciate him as a teacher. I just wanted to capture that,” Mandell said.

Mandell has made “dance-concept” videos before, had never produced a music video before “Tale of the Gene.”

Snow wrote the lyrics, and Mandell produced the “trap, hip-hop” beat. Originally, Snow made the music on GarageBand, but reached out to Mendell to help him “beef it up.”

“I was listening to the song and I thought to myself, ‘why is this not a music video?’ There

Are those parody-like videos that mix an educational topic with a music video, so I wanted to experiment with that…I wanted to make an educational video that utilizes elements of hip-hop and some elements of comedy to teach the viewers about a certain subject,” Mandell said.

Niaafflah Barnor, a former SHS student, commented, “The moment I go to college, it starts to get lit. I see you, Sharon.” The music video earned such positive feedback in the comments section from former students across the country.

The old adage that all NBA players want to be rappers and all rappers want to be NBA players is classic, but it does not typically extend to science teachers.  

In that way, Mr. Snow is one of a kind.

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