Eagles Math Team Soars in Foxboro

By Joseph Liu (News Correspondent). 

FOXBORO, MASS — Crowned with a No.3 ranking in the first meeting of 2016-17 season in the Greater Boston Math League (GBML), the Eagles Math Team spread their wings again in their debut in the Southeastern Massachusetts Math League (SMML).

Eagles faced Dighton-Rehoboth, Foxboro, Foxboro Charter, Mansfield and Walpole in the Division this time. During the meeting, math team members faced some troubles at the beginning but they were still able to take it over by encouraging and helping each other with the spirit of temerity and the faith of victory. As a result, the Eagles earned the first place prize.  

“We were so excited when we heard the announcement of our score,” senior Yuan Liao said. “We punched the top ranking again in the brand-new season!”

SMML meeting rules allow a member school to have two teams for every meeting, and each team can hold up to five people, while each person has to choose 3 topics from geometry, algebra I and II, arithmetic and Trigonometry to compete. Also, there is a Team Round for cooperation with teammates.

In this intense race to complete math problems, senior Yuan Liao, freshman Nathan Yoon and junior Ritika Revoorigot achieved perfect scores. At the same time, other members gave their 100% efforts in different events during the meeting, fighting for the math team they represent and leading the Eagles to the front of the division.

“Actually we still believe we can win the game even when we meet troubles,” said Liao, “We were confident and we surely got the place we wanted!” he added.

Powered by the team’s motto, “No pain, no gains,” the Eagles practice diligently for preparation at their weekly meetings, improving their skills for math.

“We study the problems over and over again together,” freshman Jiaqi Liu said. “And we hope to have a better record and to write history for ourselves in our journey of the future.”

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