We’re Stuck with Him, so Let’s Get Behind Him

By Danny Emerman (Online Editor-in-Chief).

America chose Donald Trump. He won the election fair and square and he won it convincingly, 290 to 228 electoral votes.

Trump appealed to Americans concerned about corruption in Washington, immigration, and the economy, while Hillary Clinton failed to resonate with the working class and inspire voters.

But the campaign is over. It is no longer Democrat versus Republican, Trump versus Hillary. Now, we’re in this together.

Liberals are incessantly posting stories on social media about how faithless electors should vote for Clinton regardless of their state’s outcome. Sorry, not going to happen. To swing the majority to Clinton, 37 rogue electors would have to desert Trump.

Two million people have signed a petition to overturn the election results. This is a hopeless cause, even though Clinton did win the popular vote.

Whether or not you agree with the outcome of the election, the result is final. It’s like disputing a ball/strike call in baseball; you can argue with the umpire but he’s not going to change the call.

Donald Trump is our president-elect. In January we will be living in Trump’s America.

How will Trump lead the country? Many of his supporters say he will run America like a business. If so, he could take a step back and act as a distant CEO or chairman of the board, delegating much of his power to his staff.

Or will he look to be aggressive in Washington and work on the “great deals” he promises to make.

Regardless, the Republican Senate and House, led by Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, will be pivotal in passing — and repealing — laws. Furthermore, political experts say Mike Pence could be the most powerful vice president ever. Pence, an evangelical Christian, believes in conversion therapy and that marriage equality will lead to “societal collapse.”

Trump has never held a political position in his life and his agenda does not stretch much further than the wall he is going to build. There is no way of knowing what Trump will do in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

While I cannot look past his racist, sexist, xenophobic morals, America did. It is beyond me as to why his antics weren’t disqualifying, but they clearly weren’t. We put a litigious con-man who bragged about sexual assault and does not believe in climate change in the oval office.

And now we have to root for him. A weak presidency means a receding economy and social unrest.

If Trump wants to “Make America Great Again,” he can start by addressing the outpour of violence and racist incidents across the country. He needs to be a leader, not an impulsive Twitter-fingered figurehead. I don’t believe in Donald Trump, but I do believe in America, so I hope “The Donald” will succeed.

We’re stuck with him, so let’s work together as Americans to maintain our values of liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness.

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