The Talon’s Top 10 Halloween Candies

By Eli Hearne & Alex Lefkowitz (Candy Connoisseurs).

10) M&Ms

Although plain and simple, the sheer volume in a Halloween sized M&M bag, allows this “OG” candy to crack the top ten.


9) Milk Dud

An often forgotten candy, Milk Duds provide an intricate balance of milk and dud. Engulf a chewy caramel within and you have yourself a treat.


8) 3 Musketeers

Chocolate outside with a fluffy inside. What else do you need?

7) Rolo

This caramel filled chocolate sphere does not have the brand name like a snickers, but this sleeper candy satisfies many sweet tooths.


6) Snickers

Just a classic. Snickers Satisfies. 

5) 100 Grand

SLEEPER ALERT! The balance of chocolate, caramel, with a sneaky crispy rice makes 100 Grand bars a crafty sweet.


4) Twix

The dynamic duo of the sweet caramel and crunchy part on top makes this a well known fan favorite.

3) Reese’s

Who does not like the mixture of peanut butter and chocolate? Answer: People who have a peanut allergy.

2) Kit Kat

The layered wafers topped by an indulging layer of chocolate causes eaters to keep on craving those crazy sticks.  


1) Milkyway

The number one candy this halloween. A creamy nougat center with an underskirt of carmel appeals to everyone that has working taste buds.


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