4 Purpose Energy: A Healthier Pick-Me-Up

By Erica Laidler (Editor-in Chief).

It’s 2 AM. The final psychology report and biology lab are due in 6 short hours. With a pop and a hiss, Monster Energy Drink cracks open and sails in as a silvery 8 fl oz glimmer of hope and an academic lifesaver.

But with 25 g of sugar (over 100% the daily recommended value), excessive caffeine, and artificial sweeteners, it’s hard to know what kind of harm it’s doing to your body.

Sharon High School graduates and brothers Sam (Class of 2011) and Daniel (Class of 2015) Ronkin sought to develop a healthier option for individuals in need of a boost by co-founding and launching 4-Purpose Energy at the end of September. Their company now offers organic raspberry pomegranate drinks online and at Pizzagando, The Main Course, Page’s Grocery Market, and Charlie’s Deli.

“The idea first came to me at an 8:00 AM biology class when – looking to the left and right – I saw my friends drinking energy drinks,” said Sam Ronkin.

The now-graduate of Brandeis University says he knew there had to be a healthier solution. “I always felt guilty when drinking energy drinks because of all of the artificial and processed ingredients they contain,” said Sam.

The Ronkins spent over two years researching, testing, and crafting energy drinks, finally deciding on a solution that contains high quality ingredients, less sugar than most brands, and the vitamins they were looking for.

According to Daniel, a freshman now studying biology at Curry College, he and his brother work together well because they’ve always had “a great relationship.”

“Being 5 years apart in age, he helps me and I help him; we have fun together and get along very well,” he said. “Our family has been very supportive of our venture.”

Sam said their drink is certified USDA organic, vegan, and orthodox union kosher. The brothers also “opted to pay top dollar for fair trade certified organic cane sugar rather than…a cheap syrup sweetener,” he added.

Each drink contains only 70 calories, 0g of fat, 18g of sugar, and 70% the daily recommended value of niacin, vitamins B12 and B6, and pantothenic acid.

Sam says so far business has been great. “We have learned a lot, met a lot of incredible people, and are expanding locally, across college campuses, and the northeast,” he said.

And both business owners who have agreed to offer 4 Purpose Energy as well as consumers will play a role in carrying the company’s ambitious but achievable goal to fruition. “Not only will [consumers’] bodies thank them, but they will also be directly contributing towards our first campaign to build a school,” said Daniel.

Because while 4 Purpose Energy drinks might help some students stay awake to complete assignments, some of the drinks’ profit will go towards helping children throughout the world gain access to their own educations. For every can sold, the Ronkins will donate 10 cents towards their goal to build a $35,000 school for children through an organization called “Pencils of Promise.”

Sam Ronkin says he and Daniel were inspired by Adam Braun’s book, The Promise of a Pencil, which outlined how an ordinary person can create extraordinary change.

“We are extremely fortunate to live the lives that we do,” said Ronkin. “We believe that all children should be able to have the proper conditions to…learn, because an educated society prospers and advances faster.”

“And who knows?” added Sam. “The next Elon Musk or Dr. Jonas Salk of the world might not have access to education right now.”

4 Purpose Energy is available online with free delivery at 4PurposeEnergy.com. SHS students can use the code “SHSEagles” to receive $2.50 off every order.


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