Get Involved at SHS

By Morgan Goldberg and Rachael Garcia (News Correspondents).

Whether it’s your first year or your last, being involved in an after school extracurricular is always a bright idea. Lucky for you, Sharon High School offers many different clubs for the artist, academic, and athlete in all of us.

Website Education World states, “Participation in school activities, especially athletics, leads to higher self esteem and enhanced status among peers, which some argue is deterrent to antisocial behavior.” So, now’s as good a time as any, especially with the addition and improvements of many new clubs for this school year here at SHS.

Future Medical Professionals Club was formed late last year and caught the interest of many students at this year’s club fair this past September. One member of this club, Rachel Sussman, says that she joined Future Medical Professionals Club because of her career aspirations.

“I joined because I have an interest in medicine and would like to, hopefully, be a doctor someday,” Sussman said.

“We help people pay for medical bills if they can’t afford them, go to fundraisers, and also volunteer in hospitals to gain experience in the medical field,” she added.

Future Medical professionals meets every Thursday after school with Ms. Norton and offers great opportunities for any student interested in the medical field.

School clubs aren’t just for academics, they are a fun time to socialize and get to know new people. Eagle Buddies, previously known as Friendship Group, began twelve years ago in connection to the non-profit organization Best Buddies, which is known for creating opportunities for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

With a new name and new ideas, Eagle Buddies is looking to expand and become a staple club here at SHS. Eagle Buddies meets every Tuesday in room 706 and does activities such as playing games, crafting and socializing, as well as participation in unified sports. In previous Springs, Friendship Group has participated in a unified track meet where peers from multiple schools can participate. Since last year’s track meet was a huge success, Eagle Buddies is starting a unified basketball team!

Ms. Rounseville, the advisor of this group, says, “We are looking for students to participate not only in our weekly meetings but to join the unified basketball team. It’s not a huge commitment but overall very rewarding.”

If anyone is interested in joining the team they should speak to her in room 706 or Mr. Martin.

With the addition of new clubs such as Save A Heart, Improv Club and Future Medical Professionals, along with the improvement of Eagle Buddies, there is a way for everyone to get involved in student culture.

Freshman Lili Mihajlovits says, “They [the new clubs] are very exciting, there are many new opportunities to do what you like. You can find something you like no matter who you are.”

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