Make America 1919 Again

By Lyla Hyman (Feature Editor).

After last week’s second debate, many of Donald Trump’s voters joined in on Twitter’s 19th Amendment movement, arguing that women shouldn’t have the right to vote. 

A map of the United States was tweeted by Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump, that if women could not vote that Trump would win over his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

It sparked a Twitter movement, where various people joined in with hashtags like #repealthe19th and #ToTheKitchen. Many people online became outraged with this issue, as it brings our country back to what it was almost 100 years ago. Currently, there is only one of the 196 countries that actually do not allow women to vote.

“The movement is a joke both literally and figuratively, and the people who support it or not don’t know what ‘suffrage’ actually means and are the same people being manipulated by the Trump campaign,” said senior Amanda Kaplan.

Many women were appalled by the movement including one mother named Shannon Watts who posted, “This is why @HillaryClinton will win- sorry, too late to #repealthe19th. Soon we’ll be running the country! #ImWithHer.”

Men in support of Trump are making vulgar remarks on Twitter towards women’s voting.

“Give out nice enough handbags and most broads would gladly trade their voting rights for one,” posted Michael Maier.

Not only are some men Tweeting to join the movement, one woman even posted, “#repealthe19th I would gladly waive my right to vote to solidify the win! #TrumpPence2016 #NeverHillary,” Lilo313 wrote.

Though recently announced on Twitter by Nate Silver, Hillary Clinton would be the next President if only women were allowed to vote.


Another woman tweeted, “How about instead of #repealthe19th we only let women vote for the next 131 years so we’re all even.”

Though this seems drastic, many are trying to put into perspective what a lot of these men and some women are overlooking, that this movement is not even a little bit okay and goes against what America stands for.

“We should all be equals and we have worked hard to get equal rights. Taking away women’s right to vote is taking away freedom in America,” said senior Sydney Gordon, who will be voting in this year’s election.

Regardless of who is voting for which candidate, this movement is hurtful towards women across the nation.

“Not that it was a deciding factor, but is was one more reason why not to vote for Trump,” adds Kaplan.

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