SHSTC to Break Boundaries with Hairspray This Fall

Mira K. Blumen (A&E Editor).

The Sharon High School Theatre Company has never shied away from edgy shows. Last year, Clint Lee portrayed the first homosexual character to grace the stage of the school’s Arthur E. Collins auditorium in Spamalot. And the company’s productions of Shrek: The Musical, Little Shop of Horrors, and Spamalot all featured male students in women’s roles.  

But this year, Hairspray will address an issue perhaps even more current than gender and sexuality – race.

Senior Chinda Eleonu, who plays Seaweed J. Stubbs in the production, says he is proud to be a member of the cast.

Hairspray is a tad different from shows we’ve performed in previous years. Although it’s a very vibrant and upbeat show, it tackles serious issues regarding racism and sexism, that are still prevalent in our society today,” he said.

Another senior, Stage Manager Natalie Passov, says she is similarly grateful that the school is able to produce such a show.

“The show has a lot of very diverse and interesting individuals. I think it covers all aspects of, you know, politics and just social culture. And it’s definitely an interesting see,” she said.

Vocal Director Mrs. Frye hopes that all of the hard work of the cast and crew pays off.

“Rehearsals are really starting to come together. There’s a lot to learn. There’s a lot of dancing. There’s a lot of music,” said Frye.                  She adds that there is an abundance of over the top characters, costumes, and props.

“We’re looking forward to a great show, so we hope you’re able to come see it,” Frye concluded.

This year’s cast is a talented mix of under and upperclassman.

The show has been an opportunity for many cast members to undertake their first important acting roles. Freshman Jesse Cooke is taking the stage as store owner Mr. Pinky. Sophomore Jonathan Wald says he is excited to be featured as Corny Collins.

Junior Khayli Petigny, who was Jasmine in Aladdin Jr. last spring, will play Motormouth Maybelle.

Additionally, Junior Victoria Lee is to have her first major role as Seaweed’s little sister, Inez Stubbs.

Veteran cast members include Seniors Thalia Warde and Georgia Rose Fraser, who portray mother and daughter Velma and Amber Von Tussle. Senior Julia Cohen and Junior Delaney Payne are cast as Prudy and Penny Pingleton.

Upperclassmen Max Price, Radha Rao, and Tyra Strong are the Dynamites. And theatre company member Nicholas Rockwell will also return as Harriman S. Spitzer.

Last but not least are the members of the Turnblad family. Seniors Anthony Roytman and Larry Dembski will portray larger than life parents Edna and Wilbur. And Junior Giovanna Wiseman makes her debut as Tracy!

Director Mrs. Dennis is impressed by the cast’s energy and successful portrayal of racism in the sixties.

“There’s lots of dancing, singing. It’s got a great message. We’re excited to be doing it for the school,” said Dennis.

Come see the Sharon High School Theatre Company’s production of Hairspray on November 17-19 at 7:00 pm or November 20 at 2:00 pm.


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