Summer 2016 Box Office Flops

By Mira K. Blumen (A&E Editor).

The lights go down, eyes are glued to the screen, and the popcorn boxes are brimming. Little do the theatre-goers know, the next two hours will be the most boring and humorless of their lives.

According to, the top nine box office flops this summer, in ascending order, were: The Legend of Tarzan, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows, Independence Day: Resurgence, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Star Trek Beyond, Ghostbusters, Free State of Jones, The BFG, and Ben-Hur.

Not all movies were rated poorly. Suicide Squad, an original movie directed by David Ayer, was a hit this summer. Deadline Hollywood claims that its success can be attributed to the fact that DC is good at promotion.

The movie’s multicultural cast included the famed Jared Leto and Margo Robbie, and comic book movies have a long history of doing well opening weekend.       Deadline Hollywood also confirms that Finding Dory, in which Ellen voiced the lead, was “an all-time record debut for an animated film and the second best opening in June after last year’s Jurassic World.”

Because SHS students know what makes a movie successful, few were surprised that remakes didn’t do well at the box office this summer

While SHS Senior Chinda Eleonu says directors managed to make Finding Dory a successful continuation of Finding Nemo, he attributes the failure of many other of this summer’s movies to the fact they were lower quality remakes and sequels.

“The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the classic one, so I don’t think people liked the remake. And they remade Ghostbusters, and they didn’t have the original cast there as well,” he said.

“The main problem is all the remakes, really. Tarzan was good as it is. They didn’t have to go back and redo it,” he added.

Junior Varshita Jakkaraju also disliked the remakes of already famous movies released this summer.

“I saw The Legend of Tarzan. It was kind of boring. It was just a bunch of CGI, and it didn’t really have any actual storyline. And I watched Ghostbusters. It was really funny, but again, it was not a good story like the first one,” she said.

Another Junior, Fran Pfeifer, admits that she preferred the original films over the remakes.

Alice was really good leading off of the first one. I really liked it. I’d definitely recommend it and have someone else go see it,” she said.

Independence Day was alright. I like the original one better, because it sort of just remade the whole movie, no original ideas,” she added.

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