Sifting Through Sharon’s Breakfast Best

By Shreyaa Raghavan and Georgia Salvatore.

In an informal poll at Sharon High School, IHOP narrowly beat Amber Road Cafe as students’ and faculty’s favorite local breakfast place.

Sixty students across all four grades were polled, as were five faculty members. Freshmen and sophomores showed the most uniform inclination toward the International House of Pancakes, whereas the upperclassmen leaned more strongly toward runners-up Amber Road Cafe and Kelly’s Place. Angel’s Cafe, The Farmer’s Daughter, and Maxie’s Delicatessen garnered meager support.

Sophomore Indu Prakash says that the choices at IHOP are endless. “I never know what to choose when I’m there. They have oatmeal, omelettes, pancakes, waffles, and more. It’s all so delicious,” said Prakash.

Freshman Divya Kumar says that IHOP’s wide variety of food doesn’t hinder them from serving their customers fresh breakfast.

“Their orange juice is super good because it’s freshly squeezed, and they have so many different waffles and pancakes. They also have a lot of different syrup flavors,” said Kumar.

Freshmen Sumedha Vemparala adds that IHOP’s selection of pancakes holds a special appeal for its customers.

“IHOP has amazing buttery pancakes, especially the chocolate-chip pancakes. They’re to die for!” said Vemparala.

In contrast to IHOP’s alluring variety, close favorite Amber Road Cafe appeals to students for its emphasis on quality over quantity.

Though Amber Road Cafe is one of the more expensive breakfast places in the area, junior Sarah Solomon says that their “fun flavor combinations never fail to please.”

Senior Alison Hamilton says that she too frequents the Canton cafe for its high quality food. “I love their omelettes! Also, good hot chocolate,” said Hamilton.

Freshman Hailey Traut says that Amber Road Cafe also pays attention to the presentation of their dishes.

“All their food looks really nice, which makes me enjoy the place even more,” said Traut.

Junior Phoebe McAlevey says that Amber Road Cafe is the lesser of two evils. “Amber Road is overpriced, but Kelly’s Place is greasy,” said McAlevey.

Junior Noah Parets says that he prefers the diner-style ambience of Kelly’s Place.

“It’s a great place to have all your breakfast favorites in a relaxed environment. Also, I really enjoy their pancakes and breakfast potatoes,” said Parets.

Senior Bryan Xian says that he also enjoys Kelly’s Place’s potatoes. “I like their fries. Very crispy,” said Xian.

With a taste for a more local establishment, freshman Juliana Goclowski says that she enjoys not only the unique breakfast items at Angel’s Cafe but also their versatile menu.

“I like the sandwiches, and the bread is really buttery and yummy,” said Goclowski.

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