Beloved Science Teacher Will Be Missed

By Eugene Oh.

After 15 years of dedicated teaching at SHS, Dr. Hoffman has decided to retire. A hardworking and lovable teacher, Dr. Hoffman will be missed by many as he begins a new step in his journey of life.

Ever since he began teaching at SHS in 2001, Dr. Hoffman has inspired no shortage of students and has built strong relationships with other member of faculty/staff. Some of them have come forward to express kind words and memories about him.

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Freshman Fergenbaum says that he will greatly miss being taught by Dr. Hoffman. “Dr. Hoffman is very funny, always helpful, and overall, a great teacher,” said Fergenbaum. “He’s a one-of-a-kind guy.”

Fergenbaum adds that Dr. Hoffman provides a presence that is both productive and enjoyable. “One minute, we will be diligently working on a tough problem and another, we will be listening to him tell one of his interesting life stories,” he said.

Junior Aidan Arnold says that Dr. Hoffman’s retirement will be emotionally difficult. “I think that he’s going to be missed in the school. He’s got a really positive presence that is felt by everyone,” said Arnold.

“I think I’m going to cry when he leaves. I will definitely read some global warming [an issue he often dwells upon in class] articles in remembrance of him. He’s a great teacher, and I learned a lot from his class during the years that I was lucky enough to have him,” added Arnold.

Principal Dr. Libano says that Dr. Hoffman’s retirement is good for him and his family, but sad for SHS. “It’s hard to replace someone who has contributed to the school for so many years,” said Libano.

Libano says that the entire staff will miss Dr. Hoffman. “He’s a wise man, respected for his knowledge and sense of humor. He will be sincerely missed in and outside of the classroom,” he said.

“Dr. Hoffman is a dedicated colleague. He’s passionate about what he teaches. He has inspired many students to consider careers related to physics, astronomy, and environmental science,” added Libano.

Mr. Gorman, fellow physics teacher and science department colleague, says that Dr. Hoffman is helpful to both the students and the other teachers. “This is my first year teaching here, and he has helped me out a lot with making progress. He has showed me the ropes, especially with the background that goes with the physical science courses,” said Gorman.

“It is always nice to have him as a resource, and it’s definitely going to be more difficult without him physically being here to work with. I will absolutely miss him. It’s definitely going to be not as easy without having him across the hallway to check in with,” he said.

Gorman says that there will be a great void that will need to be filled when Dr. Hoffman leaves. “He has some very specific expertise, such as astronomy and geology, that I’m not sure that other people can teach at that level. He has been a resource for a lot of the teachers, and for the students. He has always taught them with his same expertise,” added Gorman.

Dr. Hoffman says that he will miss many things about teaching in Sharon, particularly the newcomers. He loves teaching the “great” freshmen.

Hoffman adds that he has some plans for himself that he can finally begin to pursue once he retires. He has an MG Midget, a type of car, that he plans to fix.

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