SHS Theatre 2016 Curtain Call

By Hannah Wolfe.

After a year of ups and downs, the SHS music and theatre department has had quite the year. These are the biggest highlights from a fun filled year of performing arts! 

1) Spring Ensemble Concert: Nothing but high praises came from music teacher, Ms. Frye, as she spoke about the select choir and instrumental group’s performances.

“All the performances were really, really good!” she said. The excitement in her voice was contagious as she spoke of her wonderful students.

She added the work the groups performed was not only really fun, but challenging. She mentioned her favorite performance was the Tenor Bass Choir doing their rendition of The Beatles’ “Blackbird” and “I Will” in a jazz vocal arrangement.

2) Select Choir on Channel 5: “It was something the company has never done before,” said Frye. Over the holiday, the Select Choir was granted the opportunity to perform on Channel 5 with a Broadway cast.

3) Festival Takes Place at SHS: Another milestone for this year’s company, the Massachusetts Drama Festival was hosted at SHS for the first time ever. The quarter and semifinal rounds took place in the school’s auditorium during the weekend of February 27th.

Overall it was a year of ups and downs with lots of new and exciting things going on. The addition of new classes this past year increased interest in the performing arts.

“We added School of Rock, Bach, Beatles & Beyoncé and Music Theory which have all gone really well,” said Frye.

Although student enrollment for next year has dropped a bit, the music and theatre faculty are still working alongside Dr. Libano and the guidance department to make the arts more available to students who are interested in them.

Each year has its challenges and this year was no exception. Frye mentioned there’s always an issue concerning scheduling conflicts and time crunches.

However, the kids still did what they had to do to make this year worthwhile.

“There is usually a dedicated senior class [who provides most of the motivation], but this year, the juniors were the ones behind the wheel,” said senior Sebastian D.

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