Computer Thefts Prompt Security Increase

By KiKi.D.

Last week, it was reported between Friday and Monday that 9 Mac Minis were stolen from the Sharon High library. The missing computers have not been located and the thief has yet to be identified.

A few months ago one of the loose Mac Minis connected to one of the Collaboration Stations was stolen which sadly resulted in the tech department bolting a replacement to the new tables that we got in September, according to Tech director Mr. Marcus.

SHS Librarian Mrs. Collins says that this isolated incident does not at all represent the majority of our school community.

“We don’t know who did it so it is just really disappointing. The computers are served as an essential function for the students. The cost to replace them is expensive.”

“It is disheartening that someone in the community would steal from their own community. The library and technology department work very hard to bring new cutting edge resources to students, so when something like this happens, it impacts the entire school,” said Mrs. Collins.

Principal Dr. Libano says that it is possible that the Mac Minis were stolen Friday after school or over the weekend.

“We had a couple of events over the weekend so it is hard to pinpoint who perpetrated these events. I don’t want to accuse anybody.”

“I am hopeful that anybody who knows about the incident or saw something would do the right thing and come forward. They can do it anonymously or confidentially,” said Dr. Libano

Mr. Marcus says that unfortunately, this is not the first incident this year; and yet, it is the first year in his five years as Tech Director, where we have had theft at SHS.

“We are now buying locks for all of the Mac Minis. They are kind of big and ugly, something you might see in a high school that has less community pride and accomplishments compared to SHS.”

“We have now put tracking software on every laptop and every Mac Mini at SHS. If they are stolen and connected to the Internet, we will find it and track it,” said Mr. Marcus.

According to Mr. Marcus, serial numbers have been given to both the police and Apple who will be contacting the school if the missing Mac Minis show up anywhere.

“We are redoubling our efforts to enforce laptops being closely monitored by teachers, including period by period checks to make sure all devices are back in carts,” said Mr. Marcus.

Officer Hocking says that it is disappointing that something bad needs to happen in order to get something good out of it.

“This incident is an eye opener. I hope we can use it to push towards having cameras and improved security in the building.”

“Cameras would have been helpful in this open and active investigation,” said Officer Hocking.

According to Officer Hocking, the stolen Mac Minis are pretty much useless paper weights when they leave the school.

“It is a sad way to end an otherwise very positive school year,” said Mrs. Collins.

If you have any information please contact Officer Hocking or school administration.

Pictured: A library table missing four computers

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