Ultimate Remains Perfect

By Adam Ganz (Sports Correspondent).

Having a perfect season thus far, the boys Ultimate Frisbee team holds a 10-0 season.

With a 5-0 record to start the season, the Eagles have been able to keep other teams in their division at bay.

“We have been really good this year because we have trust in one another that every person will make the catch,” said junior Natan Fandel.

In their first game, the Eagles defeated The Cambridge School of Weston in a blowout: 15-6.

“Starting off the year, as a team, we understood that we all want to win and stand out as great this year,” said senior Dan Ronkin.

With most of the team’s personnel having played for the past four years in the program, they work very well together and are aware of each other’s weaknesses and strengths, added Ronkin.

Carrying their mentality of success into the next two games, the Eagles were able to have two 15-11 victories over Lincoln-Sudbury High and Needham High.

“After our first game, we were able to continue our success through the next two matches with good flow and smart play, something we had to work on collectively,” said junior Jeffrey Gao.

Following the three previous victories over tough A-pool teams, the boys Ultimate team won 15-4 over Boston College High School.

“Our goal since the beginning of the season has been to improve ourselves every day, making us more prepared for when states come around,” said Fandel.

With a smaller group of personnel, the Eagles have been able to hold off teams with more players. This has been a testament to show how the Eagles are able to still be successful without a full roster of 20.

“I think this year has really helped us out on the field, making it much easier to communicate on the field and know how to play in order to win,” said Ronkin.

In their last game before the Amherst Invitational Tournament, the Eagles held Barrington High School (RI) to a score of 15-1.

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As a team, the Eagles have been able to take teams that they haven’t always performed well against, and through mental toughness and great skill, have been able to defeat them added Ronkin.

Spirit of the Game is a crucial part of Ultimate. It involves self-refereeing and playing just for the fun of it.

Through Spirit of the Game, the team has been able to match their intensity of winning to good sportsmanship.

“Ultimate is such a unique sport because we don’t have referees and call our own fouls. In the end though, it is all about playing the game and having fun,” said Ronkin.

For the first time in the past few years, the Eagles will be competing in the B-pool at the Amherst Invitational. Playing Amherst Middle School, The Cambridge School of Weston, and Pioneer Valley Performing Arts.

“We have been really good at both offense and defense this year, so we hope to do really well at Amherst and States,” said Gao.

They did just that at the Amherst Invitational.

The Eagles Ultimate team went 5-0 in the B-pool at Amherst including a 15-2 blowout over The Cambridge School of Weston and a 12-11 universe point win over Falmouth (Maine) High School.

Led by captains Jordan Shapiro, Noah Kurland, and Bryan Xian, the team brought home the 2016 Amherst Invitational B-pool division trophy.

The tournament win brought the teams season record to 10-0.


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