Apple Sales Fall

By Eli Hearne (Tech Editor).

Apple’s thirteen-year run of quarterly revenue growth has halted.

The worldwide company has failed to release their next hot product, and therefore has not been able to live up to previous standards.

One reason: everyone who wants an iPhone may already have it. Apple’s smartphone makes up nearly half of the smartphones sold in the United States.

Yet Google continues to create powerful, less expensive devices that have began to take users away from Apple.

Junior Oliver Hu says that he has always used Android phones for this exact reason specified above.

“Why would I use an Apple product when I can get a better phone for less money?” he told The Talon.

Junior Jason Hertz agrees with Hu, and adds that the only reason people love Apple iPhones is because of the “societal popularity.”

“They aren’t as good of phones as Androids. The only reason people like them is so that you can tell your friends that you have the newest iPhone,” Hertz said.

Users of Apple products are beginning to see the repetition of releases. Apple makes the screen a little bigger, and adds one more gismo to the phone. Overall, there is little change between phones.

Freshman Sergio Ripley, a user of the IPhone 4, says that he hasn’t upgraded because he doesn’t see a point.

“I can do the same things on my iPhone 4 that I can on an iPhone 6,” Ripley said.

“There isn’t any point in paying the money that Apple phones cost for the little upgrades that the newer version gives you,” Ripley added.

Junior Joshua Rotman, a lover of Apple, says that he is a little disappointed with Apple recently.

“I need another cool product from Apple, but I am starting to feel that they have hit their max,” Rotman exclaimed with a melancholy look on his face.

As a whole, a lot of people are saying that Apple has been on the decline for a while even though revenue growth hasn’t.

Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at the Bernstein brokerage firm, agrees that Apple is on the decline.

“There’s no question that Apple’s best days are behind it,” Sacconaghi told the New York Times.

However, as a million dollar company, Apple is still being optimistic.

As Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook told Wall Street analysts, “This, too, shall pass.”

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