Could Durant Bring Trophy #18 to Boston?

By Jake Goloboy.

For just the second time in his young career, 4-time NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant will hit the open market.

With the playoffs looming, Kevin Durant’s matchup with the titans of the West, San Antonio and Golden State is inevitable. Barring an upset, he will yet again fail to reach the NBA Finals.

“They win it all, Durant can’t leave (OKC) in my opinion. But if they don’t, it might be time for a change,” said former Celtic and Durant teammate Kendrick Perkins.

The duo of Durant and Westbrook has seemed to reach its peak, and Durant may look to the Eastern Conference this offseason to win his elusive first championship. Should Durant come to the East, his competition would be remarkably thinner than in the star-studded West. The Wizards, Knicks, and Celtics have all been mentioned as possible Eastern Conference destinations.

“If Durant decides to leave the Thunder. The two best basketball situations to win a championship are Golden State and Boston. However, Boston has more assets and cap space to acquire the superstar,” said sports guru Danny Emmerman.

What separates the Celtics from the rest of the Durant’s Eastern suitors is the front office. The Wizards and Knicks have been in turmoil as of late while the Celtics have improved immensely under Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens’ direction. Durant has always been and wants to remain in a winning environment; Boston breeds titles.

The Brad Stevens also cannot be underestimated. Celtics players over the last three years have loved playing for the NBA newcomer, and word travels fast in the NBA. Durant is looking for an environment where he can thrive and be happy; playing for a coach such as Brad is a plus for any free agent.

Boston has improved from a lottery team, to an 8-seed, to a possible 3-seed over the last three seasons with Brad Stevens. Add a superstar to the mix with Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, and others and the Celtics will immediately contend for the Eastern Conference title alongside Cleveland. An NBA Championship is still a tall task due to San Antonio’s and Golden State’s talent, but Durant would be a whole lot closer to a title than in the West.

Boston signing Durant is still a long shot; the Celtics haven’t signed a top 20 player in the league through free agency in team history. However, Durant coming to the winningest franchise in NBA history makes sense from both sides. Should he come to Boston, green teamers will have a new star to embrace, hoping he can help bring an 18th title to the city.

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