SHS Talent Show Proved A Smashing Success

By Sophia Boxerman (News Editor).

Blindfolded piano playing, cellular biology rapping, and celebrity impersonating: the impressively diverse range of talent among Sharon High staff and students was never more apparent than on stage at SHS Got Talent last Thursday night.

Hosted by juniors Anthony Roytman and Chinda Eleonu and judged by the presidents of the freshman, junior, and senior classes and the vice president of the sophomore class, the talent show hosted 12 acts and awarded certificates to first, second, and third place winners based on criteria including overall effort and general uniqueness.

“For each element [on the rubric we were given], every judge was supposed to give the contestant a score of 1-5. After every act, all of the scores from the judges were counted, and, in the end, a winner was crowned,” said Class of 2018 Vice President Jackson Fawcett.

Freshman Evan Davis claimed his first-place win after an impeccable performance on the piano. To extenuate his musical talent, Davis caught the audience off-guard by playing blindfolded.

The judges awarded second place to Moss, a band comprised of juniors Himanshu Singh, Anthony Roytman, Justin McLeod, Geoff Rosenthal, and Noah Habbe.

Third place was a tie between singers Radha Rao, Georgia Salvatore, and Komal Prakash and rapper Miles Warren.

Rao, Salvatore, and Prakash sang an arresting arrangement of Sia’s “Chandelier” and “Want You Back” by the Jackson 5, while Miles performed an original rap.

Salvatore says that she, Rao, and Prakash have been performing together for the past 3 years. “At the talent show we got to showcase what we’ve been working on as a group, and we love the opportunity to do that,” she said.

Other notable performances include those of senior Tuvya Maeir, who did hilarious celebrity impersonations; junior Dennis Pilipenko, who performed a stand-up comedy act; senior NiiAfflah Barnor, who rapped about climate change; junior Cling Lee and sophomore Felix Ward, who sang and played guitar; and junior Jonah Crosby, who solved numerous Rubik’s cubes in just a few minutes.

Teachers also showcased their talents show: Dr. Cho shined in the spotlight while performing a moving karaoke rendition of “Forever” in Korean.

Biology teacher Mr. Snow made two appearances during SHS Got Talent: one solo, rapping about cellular biology, and one in the talented group Zach and the Snow Angels, in which he and Ms. Leveckis sang “Angel From Montgomery” while Leveckis played the keyboard and Ms. Novick-Carson and Ms. Ayotte accompanied them on the tambourine.

Roytman and Eleonu made for unforgettable hosts, too, lip-syncing to “Hooked on a Feeling” as a side act to entertain the audience, too. Roytman also asked Dr. Libano to junior prom in an elaborate promposal which Dr. Libano agreeably accepted.

Fawcett says that the show was a truly unforgettable time. “Whether it was rapping, solving a Rubik’s cube, or singing Korean karaoke, the abilities that I witnessed were astounding,” he said.

Fawcett says that the audience’s energy also brought “a whole lot of enthusiasm and support to the show.”

“I am very glad to have had the privilege of judging this show, for the experience was really great,” Fawcett added.

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