Microsoft Crosses Over

By Michael Zola.

Microsoft has just recently announced the impossible; game developers are now given the opportunity to create cross-platform multiplayer modes that work with other consoles and operating systems.

This is a very big deal. Being a PlayStation or and Xbox player defines who you are as a gamer, and even though gamers are playing basically the same games, the controversy leads to a clash between the members of each community.

Josh Mael is Senior at Sharon High School who has been involved in the gaming community for close to a decade.

“I have owned an Xbox Console since Call of Duty 4 came out back in November of 2007. I remember looking at the game up on the shelves for near $60, while now the game could be purchased with some spare pocket change. People have been talking about this issue for years, and I am very happy that Microsoft granted our long requested wishes,” said Mael.

Mael also says that he is now excited to play his favorite videogames with his friends who happen to have different consoles.

Samir Shah, a member of the PlayStation community, complains that the change feels unnatural. He says he doesn’t like the idea of integrating consoles.

“I don’t like this change very much at all. I have a PS4 and I don’t like the gaming culture Xbox One players have formed, so I would rather stay away from those types of people,” said Shah.

He also says that he is glad that the game developers make the decision, so he doesn’t have to play with Xbox players using the current games he has.

Nick Armstrong, a long-time veteran in the Xbox Call of Duty sniping community, is surprised and yet amazed with the new update.

“There has always been tension between Xbox and PlayStation players in the gaming community, and I believe that this revolutionary new change will break down boundaries between opposing users,” said Armstrong.

Armstrong says he is planning to challenge his enemies that have always boasted that PlayStation players were better than Xbox Players. He says he is actively ready to prove them wrong.

Stephen Hong, who has 17 years of experience in gaming on all consoles and is self-proclaimed as the best gamer in SHS, says that although this is a good change it may actually be unfair.

“I think that PC players are superior to console gamers because they have better specs in their systems. They also have better precision with their aim since they use a mouse and a keyboard, says Hong.

Zack Katzen, a mediocre PS4 player, says that he is scared that the change may affect his gaming experience.

“I have always heard legends about how good Xbox and PC players are. I feel like the integration will lead to me getting my butt kicked more than usual,” said Katzen.

Any change in the gaming culture can be controversial, so hopefully this change benefits the entire community.

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