SHSTC Presents Fall Musical Production of Mamma Mia

By: Brooke Janson (Correspondent)

During the fall season, high schoolers work tirelessly to stage a full show complete with towering sets, complex lighting, intricate costumes, and of course, actors.

“It just has this sweetness, energy, and dynamic that you won’t be able to find anywhere else,” said senior Jasper Olsen, one of the leads in the musical. Mamma Mia is the most fun show he has been in so far, according to Olsen. “The choreography is so much fun and the music is so catchy,” said Olsen.

Freshman Alexis Maron, another lead, says that she is excited to watch Mamma Mia take the stage. “I truly believe that this is a beautiful and special production and I really hope that everyone comes out to see it and that they will have a good time watching it,” said Maron.

The students have worked so hard to put on this piece,” said Mr. Adam Joy, the director, and choreographer of the show. Joy is new to Sharon High School this year. “They designed and built the set, designed the lighting and sound for the show, and constructed costumes and props. We also have a lot of talent in the cast,” said Joy.

Senior Declan Hogan, the stage manager, said that he is excited to see the show go up. “We have twice as many lights as in the past. We have colored lighting for the first time so we are doing full concert rock lighting. Also, the choreography is the best I’ve seen. I’m impressed,” said Hogan.

The audience can expect to see the wonderful production of Mamma Mia take the stage from November 15th to 17th.

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