F.F.L. Week Nine

It’s spooky season. A lot has changed since Week Eight ended, thanks to the trading deadline. Let’s take a look at who you should keep in Week Nine.

It’s futile to spend Week Nine without a Niner. Jimmy Garoppolo of the San Francisco 49ers is without a doubt one of the best quarterbacks in football and he’s playing against a weak Arizona Cardinals defense in Week Nine on Thursday Night. The Cardinals allowed Drew Brees (returning from injury) and the New Orleans Saints to pass for 373 yards, complete 34 of 43 passes, and hit his receivers for three touchdowns. Jimmy G. beat the Carolina Panthers defense, passing for a mere 175 yards, but on only 22 passes (18 completions). He hit it for two touchdowns.

The Cards scored negative five fantasy points on E.S.P.N. and one fantasy point on Yahoo last week in Week Eight. They are projected for 5.4 points on E.S.P.N. and 3.77 points on Yahoo. Garoppolo scored 13.0 points on E.S.P.N. and 14.0 points on Yahoo. He’s projected to earn 14.8 points on E.S.P.N. and 18.47 points on Yahoo.

Philip Dorsett of the New England Patriots is routinely on and off, but he will be Tom Brady’s top target against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night. We’ve been waiting all day for Sunday Night, and the Ravens’ defense has been waiting all season to get to the quarterback as they are fifth-worst in sacks with 12.0 per game (84.0 total). They allowed Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks to pass for 241 yards and one touchdown, sacking him only once (L.J. Fort). Dorsett caught for 43 yards on just three receptions, averaging 14.3 yards per catch.

The Ravens earned an outstanding 18.0 points on both E.S.P.N. and Yahoo in their last game in Week Seven. They are projected to score 3.1 points on E.S.P.N. and 5.84 points on Yahoo this week. Dorsett produced 7.3 points on E.S.P.N. and 5.8 points on Yahoo last week. He’s set to earn 11.0 points on E.S.P.N. and an unreasonably low 5.25 points on Yahoo this week.


Royce Freeman of the Denver Broncos is a consistent pick and he’s playing against the Cleveland Browns who have had no luck in any aspect of the game, lately, losing their last game to New England 27-13. The Browns allowed the Patriots to rush for 79 yards, 74 coming from Sony Michel. Freeman rushed for 40 yards on 12 rushes (3.3 yards per carry) and one touchdown. He also had a five-yard reception.

Cleveland produced five points on both E.S.P.N. and Yahoo last week, but they are projected for 6.4 points on E.S.P.N. and nine points on Yahoo this week. Freeman garnered 11.5 fantasy points on E.S.P.N. and 11.0 fantasy points on Yahoo in Week Eight. He’s set for 12.5 points on E.S.P.N. and 9.46 points on Yahoo.


Devin Singletary of the Buffalo Bills is set against the Washington Redskins and though the Nationals might have won the World Series this week, the Redskins are not exactly making them the City of Champions. The Redskins allowed the Minnesota Vikings to rush for a total 161 yards, 98 coming from Dalvin Cook (he also had a touchdown) and 61 coming from Alexander Mattison. Singletary rushed for only 19 yards, but he only took three carries. He also caught four passes for 30 yards. He’s making due with little work and let’s face it, he’s gonna get some work this week against the team that even a member of the Gruden family could not fix.

The Redskins pushed for two points on E.S.P.N. and six points on Yahoo. E.S.P.N. has them for 6.9 points and Yahoo has them for 5.73 points. Singletary forced his way through for 14.9 points on E.S.P.N. and 12.9 points on Yahoo. He’s in for a projected 9.5 fantasy points on E.S.P.N. and 8.5 fantasy points on Yahoo.

Pop it and Lockett because Tyler Lockett of the Seahawks is officially “FOR REAL.” He’s got the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who allowed Ryan Tannehill and the Tennessee Titans to pass for 193 yards and three touchdowns, so imagine what they will fail to do against the probable Most Valuable Player in Wilson! Lockett caught for 100 yards on just six receptions last week in Seattle’s 27-20 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

The Bucs earned themselves seven points on E.S.P.N. and five points on Yahoo last week. This week, they’re projected to produce 3.3 points on E.S.P.N. and 3.69 points on Yahoo. Lockett gained 16.0 points on E.S.P.N. and 13.0 points on Yahoo last week. He’s projected to score 15.7 points on E.S.P.N. and 15.05 points on Yahoo this week.

Get ready to eat some s’mores because Jimmy is Packing the Graham crackers. Jimmy Graham of the Green Bay Packers is playing a failing Los Angeles Chargers who allowed Mitchell Trubisky and the Chicago Bears to beat them 17-16, Trubisky saucing it for 253 yards. Against the Kansas City Chiefs, Graham caught for 20 yards, but on only three receptions—plus his quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, passed for 305 yards and three touchdowns.

The Chargers garnered eight points on E.S.P.N. and nine points on Yahoo last week. This week, E.S.P.N. has them for 4.2 fantasy points and Yahoo has them for 5.39 fantasy points. Graham produced five points on E.S.P.N. and 3.5 points on Yahoo, but he’s projected to EAT this week as E.S.P.N. is giving him the odds for 7.8 points, however, Yahoo is giving him an undeservingly low 5.55 points.

Danny Amendola of the Detroit Lions is solid. He’s got the 3-4 Oakland Raiders who, though they only lost by three (27-24) to the red hot Houston Texans, allowed DeShaun Watson to sling it for 279 yards and three touchdowns. Last week, Amendola caught for 95 yards on just eight receptions, averaging 11.9 yards per catch.

Last week, the Raiders earned two points on E.S.P.N. and three points on Yahoo. This week, they are set to produce 2.3 points on E.S.P.N. and 5.17 points on Yahoo. Amendola is responsible for 17.5 points on E.S.P.N. and 13.5 points on Yahoo. He’s set to garner 10.7 points on E.S.P.N. and 9.41 points on Yahoo.

Dan Bailey of the Vikings has the Kansas City Chiefs who are off and on when it comes to defense. Last week, against Washington, he hit four field goals, two of which were beyond 40 yards (one of those was beyond 50 yards). The Chiefs let Rodgers and the Pack-men deal it, so Kirk Cousins and the Vikes should be able to give Bailey plenty of opportunities from the hash marks.

The Chiefs produced four points on E.S.P.N. and three points on Yahoo. They’re projected to score 4.6 points on E.S.P.N. and 5.99 points on Yahoo. Bailey earned 16.0 fantasy points both o E.S.P.N. and Yahoo last week. He’s set for 6.6 points on E.S.P.N. and 8.81 points on Yahoo.

The Dallas Cowboys are in New York against the Giants, but Daniel Jones is not exactly Brady. Jones did happen upon a phenomenal game in the Giants 31-26 loss to Detroit, throwing for 332 yards, hitting 28 of 41 targets, and tossing the pigskin for four touchdowns, but he has to play against a real defense this week. In their last matchup in Week Seven against the Philadelphia Eagles, they picked off and allowed only 191 passing yards from Carson Wentz, a quarterback expected to be a top-ten player.

Jones earned points on E.S.P.N. and points on Yahoo last week. He’s projected to produce points on E.S.P.N. and points on Yahoo. The Cowboys garnered 16.0 points on E.S.P.N. and 15.0 points on Yahoo last week. This week, E.S.P.N. sets Dallas for 8.5 fantasy points and Yahoo sets them for 7.27 fantasy points during Week Nine.

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