Spooky Season is Coming

By: Brady Daylor (Correspondent)

October 31st, the day when more than half the country is on a sugar high. Pillowcases and bags filled to the brim with Sour Patch and Snickers. There are astronauts, monsters, and princesses roaming the streets late at night. Halloween, the climax of the fall.

Sharon High School has shown great spirit in the past when it comes to the famed night. Students come in dressed head to toe in crazy costumes. Last year there were referees, sharks, Santa Clauses, and superheroes. In addition, there were many festivities like the Halloween Costume Contest.

Assistant Principal Elizabeth Gavin says she is pumped for this upcoming Halloween, even though she does not have her costume picked out yet. She says there are some great activities picked out this year. “Like in years past there will be a Halloween pep rally, and a costume contest from each grade,” Ms. Gavin said. 

She says that the costume contest is a huge hit because it creates unity within the grades and even between the grades.

Junior Andrew Hoffman says he is excited to go trick-or-treating.“I can’t wait to dress up with the boys and hit every house in Sharon, Hoffman said.”

There is some opposition to trick-or-treating as high schoolers. Junior Ritwik Srinivas says that his favorite trick-or-treating place is not fun anymore. “Sharon woods is dead, there is no good candy, I’m done trick-or-treating,” Srinivas said.

Junior Rohan Prakash, says he is livid about Halloween and trick-or-treating. He doesn’t think a Junior or any high school is too young to trick-or-treat. He says that nothing should hold you back from doing what you want. “You should do what you want so that means you can dress up as whatever you want and you shouldn’t conform to what others think and social norms,” Prakash said.

Outside of high school, there is plenty to do leading up to Halloween. If you’re a thrill-seeker and love a good adrenaline rush, head over to the 7-1-5 Haunted House in Cobbs Corner. However, if you’re looking for a more tame night, there is the Halloween Parade & Trunk or Treat at the Sharon Rec Department.

Sophomore Nora Gorman expresses her excitement for the festivities and shares that she is especially excited to be dressing up this year. As a Sophomore, she says she has become more comfortable in the school as opposed to last year as a Freshman. “I think being sophomores has given us all a ton of confidence at school and we will have a whole different experience this year with the whole dressing up thing,” Gorman said.

This upcoming Spooky Season is going to be one for the books.

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