F.F.L. Week Six

By: Jesse Cook (Executive Managing Sports Editor)

Week Five gave us some unlucky injuries and some unexpected losses, but let’s look on the bright side.

Michael Thomas is gonna say “Top O’the Morning” in style. Sure that’s across the isle from the Mainland, but London is calling and Thomas is going to pick up the phone. Jacksonville is an up and down defense, but Teddy Bridgewater has been heating up at quarterback. Last week, Bridgewater passed for 314 yards and four touchdowns, Thomas caught 182 of those yards and two of those touchdowns. The Jags gave up a win to the Carolina Panthers, who started a backup quarterback in Kyle Allen, allowing 181 passing yards and a touchdown. Bridgewater might be the Saints backup, but he’s a former Pro Bowler and a real gunslinger that Jags will not be able to handle.

JAX scored an awful one point on E.S.P.N. and four points on Yahoo last week. They’re projected to garner 5.2 fantasy points on E.S.P.N. and 6.62 fantasy points on Yahoo in Week Six. Thomas, on the other hand, scored 41.2 points on E.S.P.N. and 35.7 on Yahoo. This week, E.S.P.N. has him for 19.5 points and Yahoo has him for 14.71.

New Orleans is a mysterious city and they can scratch out the good stuff at the toughest times. With their Hall of Fame quarterback in Drew Brees sidelined, Teddy has stepped up and he’s gonna again this week. You already know what he did last week and what Jacksonville allowed, but he took it to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense and at times, they’ve been one of the best defenses in football.

Last week, he produced 27.3 points on E.S.P.N. and 28.26 on Yahoo. He’s an underdog this week, set to score 16.1 on E.S.P.N. and 16.49 on Yahoo, but don’t let the doubts fool you. He’s turned it on and Jacksonville won’t turn it off.


Devonta Freeman of the Atlanta Falcons has flown under the radar this year, but he’s still a premier running back. He’s got the Arizona Cardinals. The baseball Cardinals might’ve put up 13 runs on the Atlanta Braves in Game Five of the N.L.D.S. yesterday, but the football Cards will not show up the same way. They allowed 370 total yards to a Cincinnati Bengals offense that couldn’t put up a T.D. against the BAD EXPERIENCE that the Pittsburgh Steelers defense is. Freeman had a rough time against the Houston Texans, rushing for 30 yards, but let’s face it, you’re not running anywhere when J.J. Watt comes into the mix (He did, however, catch for 40 yards and one touchdown).

AZ put up a HUGE zero points on E.S.P.N. and a MONSTER one point on Yahoo. They got the odds for a 6.1 point and 6.44 point-week on E.S.P.N. and Yahoo, respectively. Freeman set himself up for 18.0 points on E.S.P.N. and 15.5 points on Yahoo. This week, he’s projected to score 15.4 points on E.S.P.N. and 14.47 on Yahoo.


I gonna keep it real with you, Chiefs… this ain’t it. Duke Johnson of the Texans is gonna have you COUNTING. He might be a third-down back, but he gets good yards on the screen pass and rushes at crucial times, booking it through that D-line. The Chiefs allowed 180 rushing yards to the Indianapolis Colts, 132 coming from Marlon Mack. Jordan Wilson, their third-down back, rushed for 28 yards with four yards per carry. Johnson is on pace for his best season ever with 205 rushing yards, 85 receiving yards, and 7.1 yards per touch in just five games.

The Chiefs scored two points on E.S.P.N. and three points on Yahoo. This week, they’re projected to produce 6.2 points on E.S.P.N. and a VASTLY different 6.19 points on Yahoo (you’re probably thinking, “The sarcasm is strong with this one…”). Johnson garnered 7.7 points on E.S.P.N. and 7.2 points on Yahoo in Week Five. This week, he is projected to earn 8.3 points on E.S.P.N. and 8.17 points on Yahoo.


Well, Golly! Kenny Golladay of the Detroit Lions is in for a good week against the Green Bay Packers. Though the Packers did nab three interceptions in their 34-24 win in Dallas against Dak Prescott and the Cowboys, Prescott tossed for 463 yards and two touchdowns. In the Lions’ last game (Week Four), a 34-30 loss to K.C., Golladay caught for 67 yards and two touchdowns.

Green Bay earned two points on E.S.P.N. last week, but Yahoo somehow gave them nine. This week, E.S.P.N. projects them to produce 5.3 points and Yahoo projects them to earn 7.09 points. Golladay scored 23.7 fantasy points on E.S.P.N. and 21.2 fantasy points on Yahoo in his last game. This week, he’s projected to produce 15.6 points on E.S.P.N. and 12.74 points on Yahoo.


The man with probably the best name on the Cowboys, Michael Gallup, is your guy this week at the New York Jets on Sunday afternoon. The Jets allowed 273 total yards to the Philadelphia Eagles last week. Gallup caught for 113 yards on seven receptions, averaged 16.1 yards per reception, and caught on a touchdown pass.

The Jets scored five points on E.S.P.N. and four points on Yahoo last week. They’re projected to earn 4.2 points on E.S.P.N. and 4.44 points on Yahoo. Gallup garnered 24.3 points on E.S.P.N. and 20.8 points on Yahoo. He’s expected to giddyup for 12.6 fantasy points by E.S.P.N. and 10.81 fantasy points on Yahoo.


Vernon Davis of the Washington Redskins finally has an easy matchup against the Miami Dolphins. In their last game in Week Four, the ‘Fins allowed Philip Rivers and the Los Angeles Chargers to pass for 310 yards, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions, with 24 complete passes through 30 attempts (Tyrod Taylor also completed the only pass he attempted for seven yards). Davis was out last week against the New England Patriots, but he looks good for Week Six. He caught for 30 yards on two receptions, averaging 15.0 yards per reception back in his last full game against the strong Chicago Bears defense in Week Three.

The Dolphins scored negative one point on E.S.P.N. and two points on Yahoo in their last game. They’re projected to gain 5.9 points on E.S.P.N. and seven points on Yahoo. Davis produced five points on E.S.P.N. and four points on Yahoo in his last full game in Week Three. This week, he’s projected to earn 6.4 points on E.S.P.N. and 5.17 points on Yahoo.

“Once you pop, the fun don’t stop” (Pringles slogan). Byron Pringle of the Chiefs is gonna pop off and not stop against Houston. Though they put up 53 points, the Texans let up 32 points to the Falcons last week. Matt Ryan tossed for 330 yards and three touchdowns. Despite being shut down last week against Indianapolis on Monday Night Football, Patrick Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks in football and he connected with Pringle for a touchdown and 103 yards on six receptions, averaging 17.2 yards per grab.

The Texans earned eight points on E.S.P.N. and nine points on Yahoo last week, but without their lucky interception at the end of the game, those numbers would be bumped down a few. This week, they’re projected churn out a less than modest 0.8 points on E.S.P.N. and 3.66 points on Yahoo. Pringle crunched for 22.3 points on E.S.P.N. and 19.3 points on Yahoo last week. This week, he’s set to produce 8.1 fantasy points on E.S.P.N. and 6.22 fantasy points on Yahoo.

Mike Nugent of the Patriots is an emergency pick for defending Super Bowl champions, but don’t pass up on him for Week Six tonight against the New York Giants. Look, Stefon Diggs wants out of Minnesota because of their quarterback’s subpar play, but even the Vikings’ Kirk Cousins was able to tear up the Giants’ defense for a 28-10 win, 306 passing yards, and two touchdowns. Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback in history and he’s having a good year, so he’s gonna create a lot of extra point and field goal opportunities for Nugent.

The Giants scored zero points on E.S.P.N. and five points on Yahoo last week. They’re projected to produce 2.8 points on E.S.P.N. and 2.91 points on Yahoo tonight on Thursday Night Football from Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. New England’s replacement for Stephen Gostkowski, Nugent, got himself nine points both E.S.P.N. and Yahoo in Washington against the Redskins. This week, he’s set for 8.4 points on E.S.P.N. and 8.07 points on Yahoo.

The Eagles are playing the Vikes, and despite Cousins’ solid game last week, Diggs’ pessimism is gonna weigh them down and the Birds will do what they do best; “Fly Eagles Fly!” The Iggles shut down the Jets last week. Sure, Luke Falk is the third-string for New York, but two picks are two picks. It’s not like the run game was anything special either, Le’Veon Bell rushed for 43 yards on 15 attempts, so Dalvin Cook has a doghouse coming up against him.

Cousins got 20.5 points on E.S.P.N. and 20.54 points on Yahoo last week. He’s projected to earn a dismal 13.6 points on E.S.P.N. and 18.0 points on Yahoo. Philly garnered an absolutely unbelievably wicked 35.0 points both on E.S.P.N. and Yahoo. The Eagles are projected to score 4.7 fantasy points on E.S.P.N. and 6.12 fantasy points on Yahoo in Week Six.

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