NFL Rookies Rise to Fame

By: Jared Karten (Correspondent)

As we wrap week five of the NFL regular season, we have seen potential stardom break loose across the league.

With rookie gems like Kyler Murray (Cardinals), Daniel Jones (Giants), and Marquise “Hollywood” Brown (Ravens), the 2019 draft class looks stronger than it has been in recent years.

Following his collegiate season that entailed a final four appearance, Kyler Murray, of the Oklahoma Sooners, decided to pursue a career in the NFL over the MLB. While being a star athlete at Oklahoma, Murray decided he would excel much further in the NFL. Two months later, he was drafted number 1 overall by the Arizona Cardinals, in search of a quarterback that could potentially lead their dynasty.

Freshman Jack Glassman says that Kyler Murray has the potential to be a good quarterback in the league but on two conditions. “If he can provide the Arizona Cardinals with accurate throws and strong leadership,” said Glassman.

While Kyler Murray may look to be the best quarterback in the 2019 draft class, another name comes to mind as of recent. Following an indefinite bench to Superbowl quarterback Eli Manning, the first-rounder out Duke University, Daniel Jones, appears to be the young star the Giants fanbase has been looking for. Jones could lead their team to another potential playoff run.

Senior Aaron Karten says that after watching Daniel Jones lead the Giants back from an 18 point halftime deficit, he could do something special in New York. “When looking at highlights, I was able to see[Jones] fire up his team at halftime by telling them that losing this game is not an option and that they will win the game,” said Karten.

After a 0-3 start, the Giants were looking for answers. There were doubts about Eli Manning going into the season, and after they got blown out by the Dallas Cowboys during Week 3, head coach Pat Shurmur decided that the Eli Manning era was over in New York. Instead, they looked to their first-round pick for answers with Daniel Jones.

Outside of the quarterback position, the young talent of Marquise Brown serves as a severe threat at the American Football Conference (AFC). Standing at 5’ 9,” Brown offers a slim, yet quick frame that allows him to burst down the field. He posted a line of 147 yards and two touchdowns, which included an 83-yard burst from quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Senior Amit Levin says that looking at Marquise Brown; there is so much young talent. “He’s extremely quick and versatile. After seeing him go off in that first game, I got really excited about him and instantly added him to my fantasy lineup,” Levin said. 

“I love the young connection between QB and rookie with Lamar Jackson, and I see a bright future ahead for the duo,” Levin added.

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