Mr. Holzman Joins SHS Staff

By: Noor Haq (Correspondent)

At Sharon High School, there are several new teachers who have recently joined the SHS faculty, including math teacher Mr. Matthew Holzman.

Holzman, an experienced math teacher, loves to teach and has been teaching for almost a decade now. Before Sharon High School, Holzman taught in Abington for eight years, a small town about forty minutes away from Sharon. Holzman is excited to have the opportunity to teach in Sharon.

Holzman says he has always had a passion for math. “I’ve always liked math. I feel like out of the different subjects it probably came easiest to me,” said Holzman. 

Holzman adds that he likes the fact that there are clearly defined rules in math. “There is basically a right answer or a wrong answer, so I like that it’s subjective or objective,” said Holzman.  

“I am a Sharon resident and both my children graduated from Sharon High School. I know that the town of Sharon has a high-priority on education. So I’m definitely happy to be teaching here,” said Holzman. 

Mr. Holzman commends the Sharon Public School System in several ways and says that many families in Sharon tend to also have a high priority on education. “I think that in general, families in Sharon understand the importance of a good education, so parents seem to support their children and want their children to succeed in school,” Holzman added. 

Even new teachers, such as Holzman, understand the struggle both students and faculty face with the desire and need for a new and improved building. “As far as something I would like to see that is kind of in the works right now is the funding for a new high school. That would be nice,” said Holzman. 

Holzman says that it is important that teachers acknowledge that high school students have very busy lives. “It’s very important to understand that in addition to the stresses of their school work, students have many other things that occupy their lives and things that they are concerned with: personal matters, jobs, athletics,” said Holzman.

“It’s not my job to say what should be most important in a student’s mind I just want them to at least when they’re in my classroom to engage and give it their best,” Holzman concluded.

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