SHS Graduate Starring in Comedy Film

By Danny Emerman (Online Editor-in-Chief).

In Hollywood, aspiring actors often get their big break because of their physical appearance. It’s not everyday, however, that amateurs get opportunities for having a celebrity doppelganger.

For Sharon High graduate Max Kessler (Class of 2010), resembling comedian Adam Sandler is starting to pay off, as he is set to star in an original motion picture. He will be featured as the main character in The Juan, a comedy film.

“I realize people work for many years to have the opportunity I have had over the past year. I want to keep having these experiences and keep enjoying them. Hopefully one day, I can have the opportunity to make people laugh the same way Adam did,” Kessler said.

It seems like Kessler, three years removed from graduating from Syracuse University, is getting his shot.

As the trailer explicitly says, the “greatest love story” is about “The Juan,” a Jewish boy who has grown up Mexican in Southern California. Wait…what?

The Juan is still in production and does not even have an IMDB page yet. Kessler does not know when it will hit theaters, but “will give it 110 percent to make sure people laugh and love the movie.”

It is no secret much of Kessler’s acting can easily be compared to Sandler’s style, but Kessler says that the classic tropes Sandler has been performing for over 20 years are unreplicable.

“There will only be one Adam Sandler. I am not trying to be a second version of him. My acting style will definitely be different, but hopefully it will be just as funny,” Kessler said.

Last year, Kessler posted a side-by-side comparison picture of himself and Sandler on Reddit. Nearly 9.5 million people saw his viral image.

Kessler later met his hero on the red carpet at Sandler’s premiere event for The Do-Over, a Netflix original film.

“He is very down to earth, just a normal guy,” Kessler said of Sandler. “It was cool to spend some time with him and be involved in the whole process.”

“I look at everything in life as a good experience. Meeting Adam Sandler was a good experience. Flying out to LA to film was a good experience,” Kessler added.

After high school, Kessler studied accounting and finance at Syracuse, which was “way more boring than acting.”

“I never thought that I would decide to take an opportunity within the entertainment industry especially as an actor, but while I am young I figured why not? Plus, it’s pretty fun to be on set,” the SHS alum added.

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