Japanese Exchange Students Visit SHS

By Danny Emerman (Online Editor-in-Chief).

If you bump into a stranger who does not speak English in the hallways today, don’t panic.  

40 travelling students from Japan are roaming the halls of Sharon High School and sitting in on classes today in an immersion program.

“They will learn something different than [they would in a] Japanese high school,” Kato Koichi, a teacher, said.

In addition to learning about different aspects of culture and academics, Koichi says that his students have the opportunity to work on their english.

“They have a good chance to communicate with people their age,” Koichi said.

The students are in America for a week-long immersion program and part of their itinerary includes a day at a local high school.

One difference between a Japanese and American school, according to Koichi, is the amount of freedom students have in creating their schedules.

“Students in Japan cannot usually choose their classes. Their schedule is fixed. But here, I think it’s different because students can choose their classes.”

Sato, a Japanese visitor, shadows volunteer Mariela Acevedo before history class.

The exchange students will attend either a World History I or II class as they shadow their SHS volunteer. The visitors will also prepare presentations about the culture of Japan.

Koichi also mentions the style of teachers and discipline of students. While Japanese classes are very lecture-driven, classes at Sharon High involve more hands-on and creative activities.

“Maybe the style of teaching [is also different]. In Japan, students just listen to their teachers and take notes. Here there are more discussions,” Koichi said.

Online Editor-in-Chief Yanay Rosen also contributed to this report

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